Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fino Lino

"Linens are my favorite keepsake and should be handed down from generation to generation." Lauren Persson
Owned and operated by Lauren and William Persson, the design style of Fino Lino and its luxurious product mix is a direct reflection of their taste and design sensibility. Always on the cutting edge the store was designed for the comfort of the customers and their visual pleasure. Soothing color marries with bold exchanges of antique and new fabrics lending a sense of well lived in a grand room.
Fino Lino specializes in European woven jacquard bedding, luxury down duvets and pillows, custom designed bed frames from antique wrought iron, accessory pillows, porcelains and hand cut mosaics.
Fino Lino has sought out some of the finest linen houses in the world to create an extensive collection of the finest quality available today. Specializing in natural fibers, fabrics are exposed to the least amount of chemicals to maximize their wearability; in some cases the fabrics are completely chemical free. The fiber, quality of yarn, the weave, the thread count and the finishing, all contribute to the quality and comfort of the bedding.
fino lino

Fino Lino (2715 Arbutus street, Vancouver) is having the Annual Summer Sale
from August 1st through 29th with 20% to 50% off select in store stock.
Visiting the store will be a great opportunity to meet the beautiful and gracious Lauren, admire her taste in selecting luxury items (among them Anichini bed linens, a favorite of Michael Smith, Vicente Wolf and many other top designers) and in displaying them to perfection.
If you still have time after shopping pause at "La Petite France" a few doors down for delicious pastries, brioches or a Proustian madeleine.
Today I ordered a cappuccino (not too foamy, just perfect) and a "choc aux poires" a luscious and rich pear and chocolate pastry, savored while talking with Lauren about traveling, one of our passions.
Italian Linens and French Pastry, what a perfect combination...
(it would be perfect also the other way around!)
Images and Italic text from Fino Lino website


Michelle said...

This store is so beautiful, gorgeous and expensive...the best for sure. It's a bit out of the way, so I stumbled upon it by accident...and it is indeed lovely.

Your painting is done :) Maybe you would like to meet this weekend?


Velvet and Linen said...

There is nothing better than wonderful bedding.
What gorgeous detailing. And on sale? I wish I lived closer.
Have a wonderful weekend,Albarosa.


Maria Killam said...

I have been in that store a few times! Beautiful things in there!

Cote de Texas said...

those candles are my favorite - you can hardly ever find them here. I love them!!! thanks for your sweet comment today too - you are always so very supportive, I just want to say how much I appreciate that.


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