Sunday, November 5, 2017

Il Paradiso dei Sogni

 A dreamlike bestiary of ceramic characters
I like to end my posts of IDS Vancouver 2017 with the extraordinary ceramics of Matteo Cibic, the award winning Italian designer who also created a few lines of furniture for Scarlet Splendour

In our Booth we had these amazing pets, made in Italy with the finest ceramic and 24k gold finishing, in a limited edition of 99.
I assure you they were the most photographed and created lots of attraction. It was so good to see people smiling the moment they saw them!

Now I would like to present them one by one:

  Hi I am White Donky... Hi I am Black Donky

 My name is Princess

 And I am Broody

 I am a very LUKY dog

Matteo wanted to give us those names and they are spelled correctly, no mistakes! And here we are all together at IDS, Princess loved to be on the vanity in the background, she is so vain!


A few of us during the event were adopted by wonderful families, after the show closed Broody and Princess moved to a high-end furniture store in Vancouver, SwitzerCult Creative, so if you want to adopt them please go there or contact Brillante Interiors as representative of the line.

We are so cozy in this beautiful bookcase designed by Hagit Pincovici, but we'll be happy also in a new home, if treated well as here!

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