Thursday, October 19, 2017

From Milan to Vancouver for IDS 2017

From Milan I Saloni to Vancouver Interior Design proud to have presented Scarlet Splendour contemporary luxury design in a Booth at IDSVancouver.
It was a great experience, actually an exhausting one to prepare but at the end so energizing and successful.

I was so busy for the 4 days of the show and glad I had assistants at the booth and of course also Matteo Cibic, the designer, who flew from Milan as a guest of IDS to be a speaker at the event and who gave us a fascinating insight into the way his creative mind works.

We had fun with visitors and obviously happy to see Jaime Hayon
another key speaker, stopping by our booth for a chat with Matteo and his beautiful wife Michela.

Woman in Paris vanity and Bjiou stool, part of Vanilla Noir line, were so well received that they became a "selfie spot"so I really wish I had the time to take pictures of all the people who sat there.


On the vanity top there is Princess, a whimsical ceramic with 24 Karat gold finish, part of the other display at the booth "Il Paradiso dei Sogni" created by Cibic also represented by Brillante Interiors... but that will be Part 3 of these posts on IDS.

Can't avoid to show you the other side of the vanity with the mirrors gorgeous pattern on the back. Lollipop anyone?

Then there was the fantastic table Metropolis, the Karesansui rug, the Fruit bowl, all creations of Cibic whose portrait you can see on the magazine over the table, a quite new publication on design and lifestyle from The Netherlands, titled WHOT as in WOnderful THings


A detail of the vanity with the unexpected luscious red inside the drawers, a touch that can be found also on the bottom of the table and on other furnitures designed for Vanilla Noir collection.

 Finally...what are those creatures in the background?
 Discover the mystery on my next post!

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