Saturday, April 29, 2017

Report from Milan number 2


I promised to write more about Milan Design Week, even if a few weeks have already gone by I hope you'll be interested in knowing more...
This time the feature is Rossana Orlandi Gallery,  an iconic lady and an iconic concept store.
For the third year Scarlet Splendour was exhibiting there its different lines.

Their beautifully crafted furnishings are designed in Europe by Italian star Matteo Cibic, Slovenian star Nika Zupanc and the talented duo Colussi-Contessotto.

Here are some highlights of the display 

Nika Zupanc's extravagant wine cabinet, part of the line "88 Secrets" was featured in several important magazines, including Dezeen.   The cabinet could be also custom built with shelves instead of bottles support and becomes more versatile.

Matteo Cibic's "The General" desk is part of  "Vanilla Noir" line and comes in different colors, a work of love with its geometric resin inlay. Cibic was the recipient again this year of the Elle Deco International award and the magazine Newsweek dedicated an article to him this week, you can read it HERE.
Such a personality...and I am so happy to say that he will be a speaker at this year Interior Design Show in Vancouver, and part of his creations will be displayed in Scarlet Splendour's booth.

 Mark your calendar, September 28-October 1, 2017...
it will be very interesting to meet him.

Having fun with Matteo 


Corriere della Sera is the most read newspaper in Italy and during the Design Week has always an insert about design written also in English. This year they featured Nika Zupanc romantic creations, particularly the credenza in a beautiful pastel color.

In Milan it was presented in a deep emerald hue...well it is the year of Pantone greenery after all, but green is timeless of course and always a perfect accent for interiors.

 And here I am sitting on the Cibic's rocking "Nanook of the North" 
with Ashish Bajoria, co-owner of Calcutta based Scarlet Splendour.

 Hint: Brillante Interiors is exclusively representing 
Scarlet Splendour in British Columbia.

Rossana Orlandy courtyard in full bloom, it was a wonderful week of splendid weather to crown so many exciting events.  Follow Brillante Interiors on Instagram to see more images.

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