Monday, April 17, 2017

Report from Milan number 1


Here I am... still in Milan and still recovering from the amazing whirlwind of the Design Week, an event that sees hundreds of thousands people visiting from all over the world.
When I started going to the so called Salone del Mobile decades was still in the city and it was quite small but in all these years it has grown so much that it is now at the relatively new Fair site, in the outskirt of Milan.

 Casa degli Atellani

The past twenty years has seen also the birth of the "Fuori Salone" with a growing miriad of events around the city, day and night.   First it was zona Tortona, near the Navigli, then more and more areas of Milan got involved to the point that it is impossible to visit and participate to all events in town.
Perhaps if you have lots of energy, excellent shoes or a car with a can see half of the installations!
Just browsing in advance the program and editing the invites is a major job!
Having said is a marvelous experience and Milan is at its best, this year particularly the weather was fantastic.

How can I START describing the amazing variety of exhibitions and most important  (for my readers) how can I STOP talking about I Saloni, I will have to discipline myself and choose just a few highlights.

Dutch Design Pavilion

Masterly-the Dutch in Milan was a very interesting installation in one of the most beautiful buildings of Milan, Palazzo Turati, a Neo-Renaissance palace built around 1870 by Count Francesco Turati in the heart of the city, the recently restored Sale Nobili saw a dialogue between selected designers and 17th century Dutch paintings.


 A detail of the carved and gilded ceiling

 Details of a mirror

Contemporary lights

 Iren Van Vliet luxurious textiles 

Freuden Thal/Verhagen contemporary art

Dutch designers, artisan producers and design agencies presented themselves in the centre of Milan with the best design and artisan craftsmanship the Netherlands has to offer.

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