Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Autumn in Vancouver

As usual when Summer is gone I feel a bit down, but I find comfort in other events which brighten my days, one is the International Film Festival, a joy to follow for two weeks, and another important one, specially for me as a designer, is IDSWest, Interior Design Show, with all is new in the world of design...not to mention that October 2nd is my Birthday!

Interior Design Show in Vancouver is not as big as the ones in New York, in Milan, in other great cities, but it is growing every year and it presents an opportunity to meet new people in the industry, to mingle, to be inspired.

Sipping Prosecco in the VIP Lounge is of course a well appreciated gift, since the show could be quite demanding and I needed the comfort of deep sofas to restore my energy. Right?

The opening night Party was full of surprises, starting with the fantastic installation "Fire Kitchen" by Tom Dixon's for Caesarstone and of course lots of music and drinks.

And here he is the next day, giving an inspiring speech on his philosophy of design.



Inform Interiors also presented Tom Dixon's accessories in its well curated Pop-Up shop. He was definitely the Guest of honor!

Living Space installation was extremely simple, but very attractive and I believe it was the most voted by the public and certainly loved by me.


But there were also new companies represented at the show: like Switzer Cult Creative with an interesting booth and the impressive Aqua light, much photographed by everyone.

Another fairly new company with interesting new pieces was Quake furniture.


How not to mention Miele, with the latest technology and design for appliances. Here a "grand" fridge.



And here a "grand piano"...by Boesendorferworth USD 1.000.000, yes one million! It would have been nice to hear someone playing it during the show.
During the three days of the show we had many opportunities to meet and hear important designers' ideas.


On the Caesarstone stage we heard Barbara Barry talk about her design, while on the Gray stage Carrie Melnichuk of Secret Location, part of the Design Rebels panel, with Amber Kingsnorth, of Mak Interiors, inspired the public.
And so did Heather Ross with her approach to Nature as our greatest teacher.


I like to end with this statement made by another speaker, Emily Henderson from Los Angeles: 
"Your home is a path, not a place".
So true!

Photography by Albarosa Simonetti

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