Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Splendour of Scarlet

Sometimes life takes care of you and fulfills your dreams.
India was at the top of my travel list for years and when a friend asked me to join her on a trip to that country I immediately took the opportunity.
While we were finalizing the booking I found, by pure chance, browsing design magazines online,  an article whose title was:
"From India to Milan to London"...
I am from Milan
I was going to India in a month, 
Do you think I skipped it or I read it? 
Right answer...I read it, 
and I discovered a luxury brand of furnishings, most designed in Milan and crafted in India: Scarlet Splendour, established in 2014 and already fast rising internationally.

Scarlet Splendour founders, sibling team Suman Kanodia and Ashish Bajoria, here with 
Matteo Cibic, one of their Italian designers.  

Of course I corresponded immediately with the company and set an appointment with them so 
when I arrived in Kolkata I went to their showroom to see and touch the pieces that intrigued me so much on my computer's screen, because I just needed to verify if I would be enchanted when I would see them in person.

Well... I was... so please enter with me in the magic world of Scarlet Splendour!

The General is a desk which, with its graphic design, its elegant details and superb craftsmanship could be a focal point in any room.

Monsieur Verdoux, a full bar with resin inlay and fine red leather inside, how fun can it be? Definitely a conversation piece and very useful too for entertaining.

The Sheik, a gorgeous cabinet, sleek and elegant, part of the collection Vanilla Noir.

Luce Naga is a series of lights, from floor lamps, like this one, to wall ones to ceiling ones: 
all 24 Karat gold plated and hand blown glass from Murano.

Woman in Paris is a dressing table which will make you smile every morning! Karesansui is a rug inspired by sand Zen gardens.

 And here I am in Kolkata, happily surrounded by lush rugs, beautiful pieces of furniture and lights!

Fool's Gold console is part of another line of furniture, pure brass, pure luxury.

If you wonder about my dress: it is a Peg Steley creation, the perfect outfit for India climate, cool and comfortable, simple and elegant, dress up, dress down... a true "Travel-dress".

Just a few words about the designer whose creations first caught my attention: Matteo Cibic, already a star in the world of design, nephew of Aldo Cibic, one of the founders of the iconic Memphis movement. Of course growing up Matteo was also inspired  by his uncle, he is always thinking out of the box and a vulcano of ideas.

Matteo Cibic
Scarlet Splendour is already very successful in Europe and of course in India, with many mentions on major magazines from Architectural Digest to Elle decor to Wallpaper and so on…(just check HERE) but they are not known in North America…yet!
Luckily I was asked to represent them in Canada, starting with the province of British Columbia and here I am diving into a new business along my principal one of Interior design.

Life is full of surprises and I am so excited to have discovered and be able to introduce to you a unique line of furnishings, with a magic blend of antique and modern, irony and seriousness, 
made by highly skilled artisans and designed by the best.

Photography: Portrait of  Matteo Cibic by Emilio Tini

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