Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August in the City

 If you are still in the city here are some ideas on how to enjoy Summer outdoor.
Mogambo by Paola Lenti is a great umbrella with a useful attached small table 
where to put drinks or objects.

 If you are so lucky to have a patio the chairs Palma by Nardi are light, 
easy to clean and can be piled up. 

 Chairs Tropicalia by Moroso are fun and the colors transport us to the fabulous Fifties.

 Colors everywhere to celebrate Summer. See...you don't need a large space,
even a balcony will do.

 Just a simple table and chair by Emu can create the right atmosphere for breakfast outdoor.

 Chaise-long Harp by Roda have different positions to be able to sit and read 
or lye down and have a nap under the sun.

Well...we can all dream about having this terrace but we can use easily these blues and whites 
to create the illusion of being at the beach on every large terrace or small balcony in the city.

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Ordinette said...

I am spending August in the city, right now and really needed some gorgeous attics and gardens like these ones.
Buon ferragosto!

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