Thursday, July 21, 2016

Latest design trends in Milan

Exciting design as always in my first city, visiting showrooms, walking on the streets, discovering new stores I can tell you that Milan is more alive than ever with culture, fashion, style.
Vibrant or more muted colors are everywhere, definitely not a city for neutral hues, as is a return to the best of the past reinterpreted for our time.


Hervé Van der Straeten exhibition in Milan at Robilant + Voena Gallery

 At Nilufar Depot I found these two exquisite chairs, designed in 1949 
by Giulio Minoletti for an Italian train, the ETR 500.

 Taking a picture of delicate 1950’s lights through a mirror at Nilufar Depot.

Still at Nilufar I saw a gorgeous sleek bronze bookcase created by the talented 
Osanna Visconti di Modrone.

And they showcased also in a splendid mirrored room the talent of Baciocchi architect, the firm behind all Prada showrooms and other major projects worldwide.

A visit to Studio Castiglioni is always a must in Milan (see my previous post HERE).  
In the picture Achille's daughter, Giovanna Castiglioni and I at the entrance to the Castiglioni Studio.

Did I say trends in the title? Well… actually I have not seen trends, 
only timeless style and elegance.

All photographs © by Albarosa Simonetti. Last image by Alda Pereira.
Do not use without permission.

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