Monday, May 26, 2014

MIA Milano

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What a treat to be able to visit MIA , Milan Image Art Fair 2014.


The fair, organized by Fabio Castelli, founder and director and by Lorenza Castelli, director, is already in its 4th edition and in October they will also open the fair in Singapore.  It was such a variety of photography that I will have to be selective just to present to you only a few excellent examples.




You may know how much I love Black and White photography and I was enchanted by the poetry of the images by Alessandra Cevasco and Davide Marino who created Incantations.   Their recently published book Waters of Lethe presents not only their images but also their poetry, Haiku all the way on the theme of oblivion.







Surprise…I discovered that Charlotte Perriand was not also a great designer, working with masters of last century but, thanks to her daughter finding a large amount of negatives and images, now we all can enjoy also her brilliant photographic work.  ADMIRA was presenting her work at MIA.



Korea was represented by Bohnchang Koo, with ethereal, minimalist images.




I was intrigued by  Andrea Pozzuoli approach to photography, still life images old masters style become alive with broken glass flying around, more than 200 shots are put together to achieve each image.



A section was dedicated to internationally famous photographers, like Candida Hoefer, Fabrizio Ferri, Mimmo Jodice



Finally…a real treasure for collectors of art books is HF Distribuzione, with online and worldwide mailing sale of precious texts. Worth exploring the catalogue!

Photography © Albarosa Simonetti

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Karena said...

All wondrous art, Albarosa! Thank you for sharing such beauty!

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