Saturday, April 12, 2014

New trends at “I Saloni 2014” Milan.



At gorgeous Palazzo Litta in Milan, open to the public for the Design Week, also called I Saloni and Fuorisalone, some new pieces of furniture with sleek shapes play with baroque decorations.



Established & Sons celebrates its 10th year of presence at I Saloni with a new chandelier.



Missoni creates a magic atmosphere.



Dutch brand Moooi displays furniture and accessories against Massimo Listri’s stunning photography.



Baccarat celebrates “250 years of modernity” with an exclusive and extravagant party in the church of San Carpoforo, in Brera area.



Foscarini and Inventario create a playful exhibition at celebrated Poldi Pezzoli Home-Museum.

Photography by Donatella Simonetti and Lea Anouchinsky

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Karena Albert said...

I love this interplay of periods, styles, and shapes, beautiful Albarosa!!

The Arts by Karena

peggybraswell said...

thanks for taking me along on the trip albarosa.

Katy Byrne said...

SO jealous. Love the lines in those sofas

Mishka Ellie said...

Breathtaking! I have been to one of the exhibitions of Moooi and felt so fortunate to be there witnessing extraordinary stuff.
Thank you Albarosa for showing us all these great things. Love them!

Monnaie said...

Beautiful interior designing and interior decoration!

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