Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I liked most of IDS West 2013

Here are a few things I really liked about this year Interior Design exhibition in Vancouver: The IDIBC, Interior Designers Institute of BC, launched the “2013 Student Charrette”, giving thirty selected students, in mixed teams of six, the opportunity to work together to solve a given design problem.

IMG_6306 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti
IMG_6308 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti
IMG_6310 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti
A panel of judges including Robert Bailey, the Designer of the Year (I am in the picture just …to be in the picture!) then selected the most creative way of solving a problem.
Another section I liked was titled “Future Masters – Young designers”

IMG_6361 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti
IMG_6364 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

Finally a few images of “Dinner by Design” an inventive array of tablescapes by Vancouver designers.
IMG_6319 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

IMG_6327 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

IMG_6334 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

IMG_6342 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

IMG_6345 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti

IMG_6322 IDS West © Albarosa Simonetti
I have a favorite tablescape which one is yours?
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Theresa Cheek said...

There is so much energy in the group photos! (You look fabulous in those striped pants!) The tablescapes are great the skull.

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