Monday, September 9, 2013

The Romance of Design

Image by Matthew Millman
As designers we never have enough books or interior design magazines in our library. No matter how knowledgeable we are there is always something to learn and to be inspired from, that is why today I suggest you’ll take a look at this beautiful new book by famous interior designer Suzanne Tucker.
“Suzanne Tucker, a perennial on the AD100 Top Designers of the World, presents the best of the West Coast, featuring opulent Napa Valley estates, glamorous penthouses on San Francisco Bay, and art-filled apartments. All are united by an attention to detail where the designer's hand is evident in every tile, molding, railing and finish; Suzanne Tucker redefines the notion of the custom home. She interprets her clients' dreams of home and translates them into lavishly decorated rooms, perfectly tailored to their interests, passions and personalities. She marries each of her designs to the particular tastes and sensibilities of her clients while always honoring classic design principles. The result is exquisitely polished interiors that blend timeless, Old World elegance with modern luxury and spirit”.

image by Suzanne Tucker
As Suzanne Tucker says in the introduction to the book: “The process of designing a house and ultimately delivering a home is an intensely personal experience for all involved. It is a journey inevitably filled with lessons in patience, growth, frustration, satisfaction, surprises,
and finally, great joy. There is also a certain romance along the way. As we
spend time in the building and designing of a house, there is an inevitable engagement. We are seduced. And we fall in love with our homes (…)”.

Have you noticed that she says “designing a house” and then “delivering a home”? … how true that as designers we want to create the best home for our clients, not just a house.
I want to share some images with you, only a few of so many interesting ones you’ll find in the book, due to be published October 15, 2013 by Monacelli Press.

Image by Matthew Millman
A superb seventeenth-century inlaid Italian commode and Michael Taylor–designed “frog” chair. The sconce on the wall is also a favorite of mine.

shansby, San Fran, howard Christian, susanne tucker
Image by Pieter Estersohn
In the library  four “casino” chairs upholstered in chartreuse calfskin make the room sunny every day, a seventeenth-century sandstone Burmese Buddha head creates a focal point.

ST_49_Matthew Millman
Image by Matthew Millman
In a “on my dreams” dressing room, luscious textiles, Lalique touches, and a custom-woven tiger-patterned wool and silk carpet create glamour.
Image by Michal Venera
The shades of blues, creams, and tobaccos on this exquisite onyx panel brings a luxurious touch to the master bath.

Image by Matthew Millman
A shaded terrace is the perfect place to enjoy breakfast on a sunny day.

Image by Edward Addeo 
Louis XVI-style caned-back chairs and a contemporary Lucite table beneath the Swedish crystal chandelier, splendid mix of styles. I love this Tucker’s words in the book: “I always say that things don’t need to match, but they definitely need to marry (…) Perfect pairings may not always be immediately obvious. The key is finding the common thread that stitches the dissimilar together”.

Image by Michal Venera
A marble lamp with a printed parchment shade, a Han planter, a Tang horse and rider, his bronzed baby shoe, and a turn-of-the-twentieth-century Loewy and Puiseux lunar heliogravure. Mastering the art of creating still life.

Image by Michal Venera
Passion, Vision, and Collecting
“Vision is the art of seeing what
is invisible to others.” —Jonathan Swift
I found this an inspiring book on many levels for designers and for interior design lovers. Looking forward to receive my hard copy!

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Theresa Cheek said...

The key is finding the common thread that stitches the dissimilar together”.
What a great quote! The book looks fabulous. I love the bowl with all the shagreen objects.

Karena said...

Dear Albarosa,
Suzanne is a designer whose works always draw me in. Her use of the unique, the sumptuous, and the unexpected is genius!

I am very excited to get her new book!

2013 Artists Series

peggy braswell said...

what a beautiful book must run out and get one today. thanks.

Susan Hargraves said...

Just delicious, Albarosa! You have such a great eye. My name is on the list for this book thanks to you!

designchic said...

I am such a fan of her work and love that every room feels collected. With a closet like that, I believe I would never want to leave...

MJH DesignArts said...

Great review. Happy to see that you are posting once again.

Outdoor Lighting said...

It is good to know that sources for design ideas have been explained with this extent. The collection of interior design as well as decor is simply amazing!

Carpet Cleaning Welling said...

The cream armchair and the wardrobe are beautiful. I love this type of design and I find it modern and luxury.

Suzanne Tucker said...

Dear Albarosa,
Vera just forwarded to me your blogpost on my new book. Thank you so much, that just made my day!
Your support is truly appreciated, and I am proud to be part of your beautifully produced blog.

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