Tuesday, February 15, 2011

For the love of cats!

Cats loooove cardboard boxes and cat lovers know well that their pets love to hide and spend time in areas not accessible to humans, but close enough so they can keep an eye on the situation. A brilliant Canadian company Loyal Luxe has created a series of little houses, dedicated to cats, in cardboard, to be easily assembled, inexpensive, functional ad unique.

2-15-2011 1-35-46 PM
There is the mountain chalet

2-15-2011 1-34-32 PM
The Native American tepee

2-15-2011 1-36-48 PM
Of course small dogs can enjoy these houses too and feel safe sleeping or playing there.
These houses can support a weight of about 30 pounds so the cat can sit on the roof and write his new novel: “ It was a (dark) sunny and (tempestuous) calm (night) day…”

Pssst….don’t tell my German Shorthaired Pointer I am writing about cats.

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Both are so very charming. I think my Chi-Weenie would love one of Loyal Luxe's snazzy pet homes to hide out in! Thanks for posting, cannot wait to check out their website.

Cheers ~ Deb

maison21 said...

love! my richard would to hide in one, and then destroy it (he enjoys shredding cardboard, one bite at a time).

Theresa Cheek said...

We have two cats and they pretty much run the house! I think they would take our bed and put us in the little cardboard one!

The Editor said...

It`s ALMOST enough to make me want a cat!

Patricia Gray said...

How adorable. If I had a cat this would be a definite. But the doggie house might suit my little Nicole. I'll ask her.

The enchanted home said...

These are just too cute and too clever. Really so cute and stylish at that! Like your blog its a lot of fun..glad to have found it.
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