Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eataly, alti cibi

Lidia Bastianich

Eat – Italy = Eataly
Alti cibi = High quality food
New York, 200 5th Avenue, a prestigious address for 50,000 square feet dedicated to food lovers.
If you are so lucky to live in New York or just on a short trip there, don’t forget this address, being there is like going to Italy without the need to fly over the ocean. On display there are the freshest ingredients,  the finest Italian housewares, cooking lessons are offered, and you can dine in a choice of several restaurants.
Eataly is really about Italy as the celebrity chef Mario Batali points out. “We're sharing it with New York,” he says. “This is our interpretation of what Italian culture is. We're not pretending to invent anything. It's all in support of helping people eat better.”
“We” refers to his partners, Joe Bastianich, Lidia Bastianich of the famous Lidia’s Italy TV series and books, not to mention her several fantastic restaurants, and Oscar Farinetti,  who founded the first Eataly in Turin in 2007. They have worked together for two years to create a New York flagship store, assembling a fabulous dried pasta collection, a 10,000-bottle Italian wine shop and seven café/restaurants. Manzo is a sublime steak experience while other more casual counters are devoted to fresh fish, pasta, vegetarian options, panini, pizza or coffee. Surrounding it all are shelves of canned, bottled and packaged goods, fresh and cured meats, fish, cheese, fruit, vegetables, desserts and housewares.

Mario Batali at the inauguration of the flagship store Eataly
Interesting is to read the Manifesto, where they proclaim their love for quality food. As a reminder:  the great movement Slow Food was born in Italy in 1986 as an alternative to Fast Food and rapidly expanded globally.

A big round of Parmigiano Reggiano, cut in chunks with a special short rounded blade.


The best prosciutto is cut by hand in Italy with a special very long and sharp blade.


Finally a caffè,  standing at the counter as Italians do, to pause from shopping or to complete a delicious meal, if requested it can be served with a drop of Grappa or Sambuca in it (caffè corretto).

Hoping that from Italy and Japan, where there are several Eataly,  and now most recently New York, they will venture to the West Coast…

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Grant K. Gibson said...

I know where I need to check out on my next visit!
Thank you for sharing.

quintessence said...

I have been just DYING to go here but somehow haven't managed to make it. Soon I hope!!

Dovecote Decor said...

Will there be anything left in Italy after all these Eatlys? I am also dying to go. If there are apartments above, I would never leave the premises.

Plays with Paints said...

Just came back from a 3 month stay in Europe.Your post makes me want to go back. One good thing... I am often in New York and will definitely check this out. Thanks so much for sharing.

Cioa, and

dando abbracci


peggy braswell said...

When I lived in Houston,Texas(2000) they had something similar, not as big, called Eatsy's. I can not wait to go to this one in NY! Thanks xx peggybraswelldesign.com

eclecticrevisited said...

looks fabulous..would like to attend next time in out east..

Liz said...

I LOVE Eataly and try to go as often as possible, everyone should really get a chance to experience this amazing place at least once!

Mary said...

Hi Albarosa,
For some reason (I have to get my tech guy in PDQ) I can't comment, but had to let you know that I neeeeeeeeed to get the New York quickly if only to check out "eataly"--being a slow food, quality food aficionado and loving Italian food and Italy, I am in love with new venture. Thanks for showcasing it.
I always find inspiration in your posts.
MJH DesignArts

Patricia Gray said...

I was lucky enough to go there on my last trip to NY. It is very cool! So much to see, so much to eat. If I lived in NY I would go there every week. It is very busy on weekends so plan on going hungry and spending several hours trying out all the goodies!

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