Monday, November 29, 2010

Love at first sight...

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato

Have you seen the movie "I am love" by Luca Guadagnino with Tilda Swinton?
Well, then you need at least to read my post HERE about the gorgeous mansion in Milan where the drama takes place.
Then as of today another short by the same director and with the same actress, who is a testimonial for Milanese gorgeous Pomellato jewelry is online on their website, HERE.

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato "Colpo di fulmine"

The enigmatic Tilda Swinton is again the leading actress to promote the latest Pomellato collection. The title? "Colpo di fulmine" (which in Italian refers to falling instantly in love, as struck by lightning).
Swinton was also the testimonial of a previous collection of Pomellato jewelry called "Tango".

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato "Tango"

and also acting in another Luca Guadagnino's short to promote a collection called "M'ama, non m'ama" ( Love me, love me not).

Tilda Swinton for Pomellato "M'ama non m'ama"

Coûte que coûte blog has also a teaser trailer worth watching HERE.

The film for the "Colpo di fulmine" collection stars Swinton wandering through a sumptuous Roman villa, then experiencing a lightning moment of love at first sight. The dramatic film perfectly reflects the mood of  being struck by love. The movie’s setting and the lighting are quite different from Guadagnino's previous short “M’ama, non m’ama” which was instead infused with sunlight and pastel colors.
This new luxury gold jewelry collection is unexpected in many ways for the use for the first time of white gold with colored stones and a  sleek and contemporary design of gems including garnet, fire opal, blue topaz, peridot and amethyst, each carved in a unique irregular shape.
Colpo di fulmine by Pomellato

I fell in love with Pomellato jewels decades ago,
I fell in love with "I am love" movie this year,
I fell in love with "Colpo di fulmine" short today,

Would you fall in love too?

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And I am in love with Albarosa

She is a truly Prima Donna of Style - Bella, Elegante, Fine, Raffinata , Ricercato, Snellezza, Snella.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Well Ivan! thanks...of course I am exactly what you said (lol) but I certainly don't deserve the "Snella" (Thin) part!

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

I will take one in each color please.

Theresa Cheek said...

I have been hearing buzz on this for some time....I promise to see the movie!

David said...

Tilda Swinton is a great actress, I did not know she was on Pomelato ads. I liked this post and the video.

David said...

Pomellato is the right spelling, sorry. Beautiful jewels!!!

Katie Kirby said...

That movie is incredible and so is Tilda Swinton!

Mosaicista Appassionata said...

Oh, I am glad I did not miss this post.

I have lived in Milan and had no idea this mansion was so close to my home (North).

Pomellato is one of the finest brands of Italian Jewlery.

Claudia Juestel said...

The best Tilda has ever looked. I still have not seen the movie, but must soon. The ads are so chic!



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