Monday, November 22, 2010

Kimberley Seldon at Salari Fine Carpets

Kimberley Seldon and Albarosa Simonetti

November and December are not the best months of the year, speaking of weather, it was already snowing in Vancouver a few days ago, quite unusual for this city, known for  the mildest climate in Canada, and today is freezing cold! but they are also months full of events for art, design, theatre, months when we entertain and socialize more. We can also indulge in tasting more wines and savoring more food because, you know, on the First of January we all go on a diet, right?
In just a week we had several parties in the city catering to designers and the latest was at Salari Fine Carpets, a family-run business, specializing in hand knotted carpets for over 35 years with a number of modern lines from leading manufacturers added later to their inventory. In attendance there was Kimberley Seldon,  an interior designer, author, journalist, keynote speaker and broadcast personality. She is also a contributing Decorating Editor at Style and Home magazine and principal of Kimberley Seldon Design Group.

Kimberley Seldon 016 

Kimberley Seldon 006
Sasan Salari, owner of Salari Fine Carpets, Yvonne Vanderkooy of Layers &  Layers and Kimberley Seldon.

Kimberley Seldon 017
Kimberley Seldon speaking about her latest book: "Business of design" (click here if you like to buy the book). Note the beautiful and unusual flower arrangement on the table, one of the creations of  Zwada Home, an intimate design gallery featuring beautiful custom furnishings, florals and accessories.

Kimberley Seldon 019
Kyo and Don of Zwada Home

Kimberley Seldon 026
Interior designers and bloggers Michelle Morelan and Gaile Guevara with Robert Quinnell, co-owner with David Keeler of the beautiful store Provide, a highly edited interior and lifestyle store  in Vancouver.
I did not have a chance to take a picture of another friend, Maria Killam, but clicking on her name you can also read her post on the evening with Kimberley Seldon.
What else can I add...fantastic food catered by Quince, gorgeous flowers arrangement by Zwada Home, great conversation and a chance to meet new people and greet old friends, and now back to reading Kimberley Seldon's book!

Photography © by Albarosa Simonetti
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Robert said...

Very nice blog entry on the Kimberley Seldon evening at Salari. It was so great chatting with you Albarosa, I hope it becomes a regular habit.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Thanks Robert, your party at Provide was great too. I did not have my camera with me and I was enjoying the cocktails from Chambar...

Kimberley Seldon said...

Ciao Albarosa. It was indeed a lovely evening. So nice to read about it on your blog. Always nice to Hang out with my Business of Design peers. Be well.

Marcus Design said...

What a lovely event, it looks like it was quite a hit!! Kimberly Seldon is a very talented designer, I've always admired her.

Gaile Guevara said...

Hi Albarosa, was so great to bump into you. I'm finally getting back to reconnecting again and am looking forward to learning more about what inspires you. Great to bump into you =)

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