Thursday, September 2, 2010

The joy of blogging

I am so happy to report that in a contest held by the blog Fifi Flowers my sweet pointer Geronimo received many votes and ranked sixth (out of forty contestants). He does not know it yet but I am sure he will not change attitude, he will continue being a playful, well behaved dog. I did not even vote for my own dog and I did not tell anyone to vote for him, so I am even more proud of him. There were 6 WINNERS and they will all be part of a Fifi Flowers notecard collection that will help sponsor service and guide dogs in association with Beach Bum Biscuits of Tybee Island. I will also receive a set of cards painted by Fifi with his image, I can't wait.
Please go to Fifi website and see her art, she would also paint on commission your pet, your house, anything you like with her colorful, whimsical style.
Geronimo...Good boy!

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Stay tuned to read the comments on my previous post "Can you guess who she is?" I will publish them all soon. It was fun!


littlebadwolf said...

che bello, che bruto!

mary said...

Congratulations to Geronimo. I have Jones (huge blue poodle) who is my faithful sales assistant. Love these faithful guys. And I love your blog which returns me to life in Europe.

DesignTies said...

Congratulations to Geronimo!! I found out about Fifi's contest too late to enter my dogs, but I did place my six votes -- and Geronimo was one of them!! :-)

I commissioned Fifi to create some paintings for my dining room. I'm waiting for the big room reveal (assuming I ever finish it) to post them on my blog.


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