Friday, April 16, 2010

Old houses & New design (part two)

Four unique houses for their heritage of history and art and contemporary design create an exhibition wanted by Cosmit in anticipation for I Saloni, the international Design Week in Milan, April 14-19, 2010. They are four Museum-Houses, rich in history and representing a model of a past way of living and they create a stunning set for over 200 contemporary objects of design called "Unexpected guests".
Today I present the second Casa-Museo: Poldi Pezzoli.
Poldi Pezzoli is a magnificent house of a great collector of art, a treasure in the center of Milan, now a Museum-House full of treasures of the past.
In the Armory the light (above) Animal Thing by Front for Mooi is very appropriate, don't you think?

Surrounded by affreschi the Boa sofa by the Campana brothers for Edra creates a wonderful contrast in texture and colors; on the wall the mirror Sturm und Drang by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia.

In the golden hall the extravagant and colorful seating system Michetta by Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia. By the way Michetta is the name of a traditional Milanese simple bread which I grew up with and sadly disappearing due to the myriad of new "design" breads invented every day, more expensive but often more disappointing.

On the table is the tray Torino from the series "100 piazze" (100 squares) by Fabio Novembre for Driade.

Through the door Clouds by the magic Bouroullec brothers for Kvadrat, in the foreground the Ripples bench by Toyo Ito for Horm.
What a wonderful way to celebrate the 2010 Salone del Mobile (I Saloni) in Milan presenting the rich culture of the past and the geniality of the present time.

Photography by Pasquale Formisano and Luca Fregoso
To be continued...


Karena said...

Fabulous images, thank you so much for sharing. I am in love!

Art by Karena

qerat said...

Beautiful pictures Albarosa.
Thank you for sharing them and looking forward to part 3, 4, 5 :)

Francine Gardner said...

How fantastic ! I love the combination of the oversized horse and the architecture of the house. Going to Milan for the furniture fair is such a treat. thank you for bringing it to us.I really appreciate your comment. now the really hard work starts, that is to reach out to old and new clients (architects and designers )

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the paintings are placed on the walls. particularly the last photo. So close to the door casings and to each other. Would like to see them close up. The "Clouds" are beautiful through the doorway. Cannot quite understand the second image and the Persian carpet, is that a reflection through glass? Thank you, must be an experience seeing these in person.


I love the colourful ottomans and that mirror is beyond stunning!

Michelle said...

I've had a great half hour, reading your recent posts Albarosa...and my favorite things...old and new together. Take care, and will see you when you return.


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