Saturday, December 5, 2009

Magic lights in Milano

The above image is "Luce sacra" a project by Jacopo Tiscar: the Milanese cathedral (Duomo) will become a source of light itself, creating fascinating effects on its stained-glass windows. Tomorrow Milan will be magically transformed by light. Not just by the traditional Christmas ones but by the first edition of the International Festival of Lights.
Once again Design will reign in the city because from December 6 to January 10 about forty LED installations by Italian and international designers will be adorning several areas of Milan.
LED this time is also an appropriate acronym for:
Light Exhibition Design
"Kiss" installation by Paul Cocksedge will consist in a gigantic dome of LED lights and a metallic mistletoe...every time a couple will go to the podium, kiss and touch the mistletoe the light will become more intense and will change color. At the same time 1 Euro will be donated to charity. The power of love!


Central Station facade, so rich in statues and decorations will be adorned by the lights of Alain Guillhote.

"Satelliti" by Paolo Rizzatto are lights suspended in the sky around Piazza della Scala, creating reflections on the buildings of the area, pictured here is Palazzo degli Omenoni (built in 1565) with its "big men".


"Spiro Gira" is the installation by Patricia Urquiola in Corso Vittorio Emanuele made of lights and shadows, full and empty shapes.


By Mario Nanni is "La luce della musica" or the light of the music. On Teatro alla Scala facade he will recreate part of the interior, breaking barriers between inside and out. December 7th, also the day of Saint Ambrogio, Sant'Ambroeus in Milanese dialect, patron of the city, is always the inaugural night of the season at Teatro alla Scala, this year the opera will be Carmen, by Bizet.


La Triennale will have on the roof lights recalling the gothic Duomo's spires, by Michele De Lucchi.


"Make it new" by M. Nicoletti will color in different hues one of the historic gates to the city, Porta Ticinese.


A path of LED lights creating a different vision of the city. Architects and designers are already in love with the new source of light, small, efficient, environmentally friendly, colorful and versatile like no other.
LED is here to stay.
But I also invite you to read Ingo Maurer Manifesto: "Statement concerning the light bulb" (click on Press on his website) with his dispute of the latest rules against the old incandescent lights, quite interesting and revealing.

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Gorgeous!! I love lighting design, we have an annual event here, Lights on Tampa, and it is really great however, the context of Milan must be breathtaking! Thank you for sharing, I will have to put it on my "must do" list if it is done every holiday. Btw, I love Ingo Maurer's work as well, thanks for the link.

All the best,

trendoffice said...

Beautiful! And great post. I am surprised that this time my favorite designer Urquiola shows a less imaginative solution.

Anonymous said...

The Milan light show looks spectacular. Good post.



I am so impress I didn't have idea Milano celebrated like that. Speachless..

DesignTies said...

I love all the fascinating pictures in your post :-) I'm going to have to do some Googling and see if I can find more pictures of the lights in Milano :-)


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