Saturday, December 26, 2009

The end of a decade

Do you remember December 31, 1999?
The decade began with a big fear of the millennium bug, which many "technology experts" said would create havoc in computers, airplanes would fall,  disasters would happen in every corner of the globe. As soon as the non-emergency had passed, a genuine threat materialized in September 2001 with the demolition of the Twin Towers and thousands of deaths.   The journey from the Twin Towers to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq,  to the recession years has been long and complicated also by the increasingly difficult relationship between our Mother Earth and the population, with a devastating Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes and floods.
It seems they were ten years to be forgotten!
But on the other side The Old and the new World are now closer then ever.
China and India are rapidly emerging on the world scene.
We may have learned a lesson or two from the economy and we may have become more responsible toward our Earth.
Many of us these past years have arduously migrated  from analog to digital, I still love to shoot film with my camera but on the other side I have become a blogger and who would have imagined ten years ago the power, good or bad, of these social media like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the new ones emerging?
They have changed the way we approach communication, commerce, advertisement, politics.
I believe that Internet, even if a product of the XX century, is one of the most important factor of the past decade, since it has reached an enormous number of people and has created important changes in our lives.
I will carry Internet with me into the New Year,  but I will also pack with me the products of our old culture like books, cinema, music, magazines, television, theatre and art.
Picture 011
What will you carry with you to enter the new decade?

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Linda in AZ * said...

... ANOTHER unwanted 10 pounds, probably!

Seriously, I'm enjoying the total "bliss of ignorance" about what to expect, and surprisingly, LIKING that~~~ (What IS wrong with me?!?!)~~~

Happy New Year, almost!!!

Linda in AZ *

qerat said...

It has been quite a complex decade, I for one am glad it is over and I hope this coming decade will be a happy prosperous one full of peace and happiness.

Michelle said...

Great post Albarosa! I'll carry a new outlook into the new's going to be the best year ever!

I love your bookshelf...your relationship to culture is must bring back fond memories for you :)

Happy New Year!!
Lets get together soon...Michelle

Back Gallery Project said...

Thank you for your lovely notes. I particularly enjoyed the one about the "Presepe" and how you now share it with your sister and its origin in Milan. You have such a way to narrate events that one can easily feel living them. Your blog is wonderful and I look forward reading them in the new year. ( I have posted it on my twitter account, hope you don't mind)


A group of friends such as yourself, Albarosa, that have shown me that we can be better and that the past always bring the best on us, that the future always has hope and that we can really find meaningful relationships through blogging.

All the best in 2010 to my favourite Italian friend, Iván

Maria Killam said...

I will take everything I've learned about social networking and create a fabulous next 10! Great post Albarosa!!
Happy New Year!

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