Monday, November 17, 2008

Piero Fornasetti - Milano


I don't remember when for the first time I passed by Piero Fornasetti store in Brera area in Milan (an area I would define luxury bohemian) and stopped to admire the display in the windows but certainly it was many decades ago and many lives ago and I was instantly fascinated by the creativity of this eclectic artist.
There is still not one trip to Milan that does not include a visit to that show-room and now luckily in Vancouver Fornasetti is starting to be known, thanks to Bernstein & Gold in Yaletown.

They carry also the plates with the iconic image of Lina Cavalieri, an Italian opera singer, considered around 1900 "the most beautiful woman on earth".
Above is her portrait by the famous Italian painter Giovanni Boldini, from Ferrara.
I still remember the movie "La donna piu' bella del mondo" with Gina Lollobrigida (la Lollo) impersonating her in the 50's. At that time we had only two big Divas in Italy: la Lollo and Sophia Loren (pronounced more like Lauren). Believe it or not in Italy we also have a lettuce called "Lollo" after the actress. Ah! Italians and food!
Enough digressing...going back to Fornasetti and Vancouver you can also find the full line of objects and furniture, through Bernstein&Gold.  
Aren't we Lucky!?


Patricia Gray said...

Hi Albarosa
I seemed to have missed that store when I was in Milano. I love Fornasetti. I have just purchased the wallpaper for a powder room.

Albarosa Simonetti said...

You have spent only three days in could you have seen and done more of what you already accomplished!?
Milano has many "hidden gems" and a stay of at least a week will reveal much more.
Hope we can be there together would be great fun!
(Now I am curious about the wallpaper)

michelle said...

I love the whimsy in Fornasetti...a little know?

Have a great time in Milan Albarosa! I'll be looking for some exciting posts of your trip :)

columnist said...

I had no idea of the origins of the Fornasetti lady. I'm a huge fan of his black and white plates. Thanks for the history lesson!

brillante home decor said...

Thanks "columnist" for browsing my website and blog.
Stay tuned for more on Fornasetti soon and take a look at my recent Posts on Milan.

columnist said...

Great. I shall look forward to more about Fornasetti. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

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