Tuesday, November 25, 2008


After I have seen the latest Italian way of creating a wood floor I am dreaming about it.
Laminate or plain Wood floor ...or Multimaterial Parquet?
This would be my first choice from New Mosaics collection by Parquet In:
Perhaps in a Hallway?
This would not be my choice, but beautiful for a contemporary, minimalist apartment:
If I would have a reclaimed "cotto" (terracotta) floor again, like I had in my kitchen a few years ago, through Country Floors, I would stay with my previous choice, just hexagonal cotto tiles, not much in love with the following:
My cotto tiles came from a 18th Century French Monastery and it took me a full year before they became cured and perfect; talking about "Slow Life"...
I am also wondering how a cotto tile and a wood border can be treated at the same time, it does not look easy to clean, wash and wax.I hope someone in Vancouver soon could reproduce what Italian Parquet In is doing, combining marble and wood, semi-precious stones and wood, even gold and wood! like a rich carpet, and if someone is already doing it here I would love to know about it.
In the meantime I'll keep dreaming.


Patricia Gray said...

I love the New Mosaics Floor!

Angela Todd said...

The parquet design is stunning! I can't wait for a project that warrants this look. I might move in. The small (5/8") gold tiles that border the design could easily be substituted for glass tiles in any color or sheen.

Angela Todd

Kitchen Flooring said...

The work done is excellent,especially the mosaic flooring. Thats lovely enough to add elegant to the home.

Thanks for posting,

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