Friday, November 20, 2015

Cabana and Dedar, not to mention 1stdibs…


I have published posts on Cabana magazine (click HERE) and on Dedar textiles (click HERE). Now what more interesting than a collaboration between the two!
From an interview of Martina Mondadori : “The design was originally a screen that my parents found in a flea market in California in the Seventies during their honeymoon,” said Mondadori Sartogo. “They brought it back to Milan, and when they were decorating their house with Lorenzo Mongiardino, they showed it to him and he said it was fabulous, but he was going to turn it into two beautiful cupboards. So the story is that Mongiardino turned it into a cupboard, and we’re turning it into wallpaper.”

Cabana Wallpaper by Dedar 2

“Dedar and international interiors magazine Cabana are delighted to announce their collaboration on a limited edition capsule collection.
The union between Dedar’s world of fine fabrics and wall coverings and Cabana’s creative flair has led to the Cabana Wallpaper, inspired by the work of Italian architect Renzo Mongiardino.
On sale exclusively from, the world’s online marketplace for rare and desirable objects, and available in Dedar showrooms in Milan, Paris and London.”

Pouf with luxurious Splendido velvet by Dedar.

La bella Martina Mondadori Sartogo at the launch in London of the collaboration between the two brands (Image by Antonio Salgado).

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P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

WOw, love this, and Dedar is so smart . I want to see this in the flesh so to speak! pgt

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