Thursday, March 28, 2013

My fascination with artists and their homes


Pierre Purdy

I have just discovered the artist Pierre Bergian, from Bruges, Belgium, through two paintings from his most recent body of work which focuses on interiors. Oh, joy!


Pierre Bergian2

Pierre Bergian, Palazzo Mora in Venice, 2011, Oil on panel, 80 x 95 cm

I also had the fortune to receive from the artist images of his home and studio, a real treat for someone like me interested in art and in interior design.

Photographing where artists live is one of my passion and this time, without any travel involved I was able to enter into this inspiring home, full of color, full of life, full of art as in the above image of a living-working room.

His art instead is quite subtle, almost ethereal as you could see opening his website HERE.

Pierre Bergian

Pierre Bergian, Abandoned Room 2012 Oil on panel 40 x 47 cm

We can imagine any story for this interior, grandeur, mystery, solitude…

A subtle palette, a minimalist approach, with just a few lines evoking the story of these  interiors.Usually painting is about “adding” and photography is about “deleting” but here obviously there is abstraction, due to only selected lines and objects.


3-27-13 9-14-34 PM

Artist Pierre Bergian at work.


3-27-13 10-17-08 PM

Pierre Bergian, Temple, 2012, Oil on panel, 71 x 80 cm


3-27-13 9-11-04 PM

In a living room of his home-studio we find antiques, a faded Persian rug, a Thonet chair, a collection of precious white and blue china (do I spot Meissen?) on the wall.


3-27-13 9-11-39 PM



3-27-13 9-13-08 PM

A well lived, simple kitchen with an interesting Venetian Terrazzo floor.


3-27-13 9-15-12 PM

Brushes, painter palette, drawings, unfinished paintings,

books…functional lighting.


3-27-13 9-16-01 PM

A lively living room facing a garden and another more

classic room with a Murano chandelier.


Pierre bergian 3

A glimpse of the decorated floor, a classic bust in a niche.


3-27-13 9-12-17 PM

Another work area, a large simple table filled with books and magazines,

different old chairs add a Bohemian touch.

As I said I am always fascinated by how and where artists live and I have many images of artists’ houses I will share with you in the near future. I believe that in every home there is (or there should be) the true soul of the owners, like in this inspiring one.

If you are in London don’t miss his latest exhibition with an intriguing title:

3-27-13 10-05-22 PM

All photographs by Pierre Bergian with express permission of the artist.

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Theresa Cheek said...

Oh joy indeed! I love the first shot and the terrazzo flooring. Lots of creative energy!

BRASWELL said...

How beautiful his painting are! + Thank you for sharing. said...

Artists houses are always THE BEST!
Gorgeous post Albarosa.


Hello Albarosa,
This post is amazing ! This is a good idea to show interior's artists... Piet send me your blog by mail, his paintings are so subtle and also strong !
Have a nice day,
Céline, french watercolorist.

Karen Albert said...

Dear Albarosa,
I love this series; artists homes are always so intriguing.

Bergian's works of art are wonderfully soothing.
Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Dear Albarosa,

We are so pleased to see this beautiful post - it really does justice to Pierres work.

Many thanks, and we look forward to your next post..!

All the best,
Rosanna Robertson, Purdy Hicks Gallery

Pierre Bergian said...

Thank you so much for the article in your interesting & beautiful blog!

John Williams said...

Hi Albarosa,

An amazing blog you have posted. Thanks for that. We can get lots of creative ideas by this pics. Will you be able to send more pics by mail to me? Please help me.

A Man Made to Measure said...

Beautiful work, beautiful blog!

Kenneth bordewick said...

This is an outstanding blog.firstly thank u for this and its a beautiful series that you have designed it.

celebrity interior designer said...

An amazing blog you have posted. Thanks for that. We can get lots of creative ideas by this pics.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Wonderful. My husband is actually a professional artist & we've just moved house & we've moved his art studio to our new house too as we've converted an out building for him to work in.
We used to rent a place for us both to work in but our new home has space for us both.
You can take a peek at his work here

Celi Anizelli said...

Oi Albarosa, eu também gosto muito de observar as casas assim como você. São casas que tem vida e retratam particularidades da sensibilidade dos seus donos, são aquelas casas que quando as conhecemos nos acolhem e ficamos sempre com vontade de ficar naquele espaço mais um pouquinho. Grazie mille.

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