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Ray Eames!



Bernice Alexandra “Ray” Kaiser (1912-1988) was born in Sacramento, California  and together with her husband Charles Eames (1907-1978)  gave shape to America’s twentieth century.


Charles and Ray Eames

They were in fact the most influential designers of the mid 20th century,  designing furniture, working in the field of architecture, film, photographic art, industrial design and more!





Ray and Charles were responsible for many classic, iconic designs, their molded plywood chair was called "the chair of the century".





Other iconic pieces:









Ray and Charles in their living room.

From  New Advertising site “Fifteen things Charles and Ray teach us”

  1. Keep good company
  2. Notice the ordinary.
  3. Preserve the ephermal.
  4. Design not for the elite, but for the masses.
  5. Explain it to a child.
  6. Get lost in the content.
  7. Get to the heart of the matter.
  8. Never tolerate “O.K. anything.”
  9. Rembember your responsibility as a storyteller.
  10. Zoom out.
  11. Switch.
  12. Prototype it.
  13. Pun.
  14. Make design your life. (And life, your design.)
  15. Leave something behind.

I believe this sums up very well their aesthetic and their philosophy.

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