Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two fabulous silky giveaways

To a fortunate reader Manito Luxury Silk will send a Queen size silk blanket, valued at $ 299.00. Spring is coming so they will be just perfect for warmer nights.

 Manito Luxury Silk, Vancouver
Queen size silk blanket in Silverstone color

Manito’s silk blankets are 100% Mulberry silk with a simple, 100% silk border, unlike other brands which use polyester borders. Woven to be incredible soft, lightweight, breathable and warm.  Available in three colors: Camel, Rose and Silverstone.


A second fortunate reader will receive a Baby silk blanket, valued at $ 149.00, which can be also used as a throw on a chair, an extra layer at the foot of a bed or… for your furry friend if you wish (we know already that many beautiful accessories are “gone to the dogs!”)

Manito Luxury Silk, Vancouver 

Manito’s silk mini- blankets (36” x 48”)  are 100% Mulberry silk with a 100% silk border. Hypoallergenic and woven to be incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable and warm, they are the natural cuddle buddy for the little ones. Great as baby shower gifts! Available in three colors: Baby blue, Rose and Sage (Sage is a new color, not yet on Manito website). Due to the blankets’ unique, tightly woven design, you  will appreciate that they are machine washable.

Manito Luxury Silk, Vancouver
Mini- silk blanket in Rose color

How to win? With simple two steps:

1) Browse Manito Silk website (HERE)

2) Come back to my blog and leave me a comment on the item you most like of their production: silk robes? blankets? duvets?… In the same comment please also specify the color of the blanket if you would be the lucky winner (please specify a color for Queen size and a color for Baby size). Since the giveaway is restricted to Canada and continental USA please tell me in the comment also where you live and don't forget to add contact information or a link.

I will randomly choose the Number 1 winner (Queen silk blanket) and the Number 2 winner (Baby silk blanket) and announce the names on Sunday, February 26th.
Keep sending me comments and keep your fingers crossed!

Good luck everyone!

Photography © Albarosa Simonetti

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Jil Sonia McDonald said...

Oooooh... I've never heard about that company before - everything looks yummy! I'd have a hard time choosing between the long robe in the blue or the beautiful silk pillow cases in the silver blue.
For the blankets I love that silverstone colour, looks like a soft warm grey - beautiful. Here's hoping! We live in Chilliwack, BC. Jil McDonald

Tamara {Delish Mag} said...

Am I the first comment? Maybe that'll bring me luck!

Well, it's hard to choose just one item - I have always thought that sleeping on silk sheets would be the ultimate in luxury, and understand sleeping on a silk pillowcase is better for my face and hair (I shall have to test that one day!), but I think it's the silk duvet cover in the silvery blue that is calling me. I can only imagine how lovely it would be to tuck in under that heavenly soft texture for an amazing sleep.

Now, should you pick my name (oh please oh please!), I would love to choose the camel colored Queen blanket, or the baby blue baby blanket!

Thank you for this giveaway!

Lisa D. said...

I love the silk duvet in milky white!

If I were to win, I would love the queen size in camel or the baby in blue!

I live in Mississippi. Thank you for this opportunity!

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Alberosa - fabulous giveaway. I love anything silk! I love silverstone or camel for either!

Living in Vancouver area!


Rosa @ FlutterFlutter said...

What a fabulous giveaway Albarosa! I LOVE silk duvets in the summer! If I win I would love the Silverstone in the large size or the blue in the baby size.

I live in the Lower Mainland and my email is

Thank you!!

squiggi said...

those silk robes look wonderful.
thanks for a great giveaway.
I like the large blanket in camel, the small one in sage

Edins House said...

What a fabulous giveaway Albarosa!!
If I had the money I'd buy myself a set of the silk sheets in either the milky white or champagne... so decadent!!
Thanks to you and Manito for the chance to one of these lovely blankets :-)

jenifardesuza said...

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mbwife said...

The silk sheets. Love the silk sheets.
On the blanket color, I cannot make up my mind -- silverstone? Camel? We live in Florida and you can contact us via our blog.

Eva Marie Sutter said...

If I were so lucky as to be picked at random, I'd be honored to receive a blanket of either size in camel. Looking over the site, the item most desirable is the duvet (and cover of course!). Please contact me if I win:

home before dark said...

Add me to the list of I have never heard of this company and WOW! If I am the winner I would drool to have the queen blanket in milky white!

home before dark/

lisa said...

Love the silk duvets. They are so gorgeous. I like the larger blanket in white/silvertone and the smaller blanket in rose.

Pietra Brandolini said...

I love the silverstone blanket and I love your blog opportunity. Nothing substitutes the luxurious feel of a silk robe on a Saturday morning, sipping a hot cup of coffee and the knowledge that I could stay dressed like this all day, comfortable, cozy and looking & feeling great...and then I remember the errands I have to run and the weekend chores, put on my jeans, sweater and face the day..I can do this all over again tomorrow!
Linda @

peggy braswell said...

What a wonderful website they have-easy to navigate around. I'll have the Silk Duvet Cover in Champagne please! I will take the queen silk blanket in Silverstone and the baby blanket in Rose.
what a great giveaway + introduced me to a new company. Thank you from S. CA

Vickie H. said...

Incredible products! Loved everything but those blankets are SO LUXURIOUS!!! I would love the queen blanket in Camel and the baby blanket in Baby Blue! Winning this would be so fabulous! Thank you for hosting. Now I am headed back over there to look at those silk sheets one more time! WOW!!

NB said...

I adore them... how to choose when they are all so lovely!
I suppose it would be the silverstone or champagne colored Queen blanket if I had to choose!

beryl said...

What could be better than a silk-filed duvet in milky white! Sleeping under heaven!!!!... and of course silk pillowcases to help with those awful facial wrinkles and bed-head hair, wonderful!

Bridgette said...

Ohhh la the silk sheets, pure luxury.

Should I win, my colors are camel for the queen size and rose for the baby blanket.

I live in the U.S. (the sunshine state of Florida)

Carrie'sCreations said...

Everything on their site looks so luxurious it's hard to choose one item. But the item I'm in the market for is a duvet cover. Beautiful, stuff happy to learn about this company.

I would love to own the Silverstone blanket in a Queen size.

I live in Alabama and my contact info is

Jill/The Welcome Home said...

The chocolate silk is absolutely delicious! I would love to splurge on sheets for my bed or a robe for me. However, I realize that's not realistic for me right now. However, I would absolutely love to win a blanket. I would be very selfish and keep it for myself (I might share with my husband if he asks very nicely). I would love the Queen size in the camel color or the baby blanket in sage. Fingers crossed!

A CRITIC'S EYE said...

Hello Albarosa,

I know this has nothing to do with this post , but I thought since you are Italian and appreciate art, you would wish to look into the issue of Giotto's work at the Arena Chapel in Padua and urge your readers attention to it. You could read about it at

Mike Teng said...

i like their silk pillow cases because i hear that sleeping on silk cases is good for you skin and hair

for the blanket i would like it in silverstone or camel for queen and in baby blue for baby

i live in beautiful British Columbia!!! Thanks!!!

Terry Benske said...

I'm so cold today I'm sitting on a heating pad. Silk sheets sound lovely, but the warmth of a blanket sounds even better. We have had a very mild winter here in Milwaukee, Wisc.but today is freezing cold. I love the Silverstone in the larger blanket and rose in the baby blanket, for the 9th grandchild and first GIRL due in April. Pink,pink I forgot what it looks like! Love your blog,Nonna Terese

Anonymous said...

I'm sooo cold today here in Milwaukee Wisc. I'm sitting on a heating pad. Would love the silk sheets, but a warm blanket wins out. The larger blanket in silverstone and the baby size in rose. Perfect for the 9th grandchild and the first GIRL!!! Love the blog,Terry Benske

Linda said...

I would love silk pillow cases (I hear that face wrinkles are less if you sleep on silk) or the short robe (slipping out of it would be easy).
If I were lucky enough to win the queen blanket Silverstone would be my choice.
Or the baby blanket in blue please.
Link above or

Maria Killam said...

Stunning! I love them both!

Innes said...

Silk is a real favourite of mine at the moment. I think it has a lovely touch and feel to it and looks good in nearly all living spaces.. It is expensive though!

Wehaf said...

I love the silk bedding sets! And all the colors are gorgeous, soft, and sweet.

I would want a camel blanket if I won the queen-sized one, and a baby blue one of I won the baby one.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog thru Flipboard. Love your sit. The products are beautiful. My faves would have to be the pillow cases and the robes, it's all just lovely!
Look forward to reading and learning more on your blog.

causer659 said...

Fabulous opportunity to sleep under such luxury. I love the blanket in camel, every item is so reasonably priced. Thank for for a chance to win this beautiful blanket.

Jonnie (JB) said...

I love the long silk robe in chocolate.

If I'm lucky enought to be a winner I would love the baby blanket in baby blue or the queen sized blanket in camel

I live in Canada


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