Saturday, December 24, 2011

A game for designers and wannabe…

Feltrinelli 45 Design game
Until January I will be posting about simple, inexpensive gifts for the holiday season, great also as house warming gift or host gifts any time of the year.

During the Holidays all games are enjoyed by children and adults and it is a special happy moment of being together. This game is called 45 Design and it is a memory game created  to recognize and remember 45 “must” of design, iconic pieces of the masters from 1981. To win you need to memorize and find the appropriate twin card.
This brilliant game was created by the Milanese architect Daniela Galassi who teaches Interior design at Made in Interior school.

A game for designers, wannabes, for everyone interested in design and an inspiration for children who maybe one day will follow that creative path.
Available online at Feltrinelli

The best gift  is creating memories!

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Claudia Juestel said...

Great gift Albarosa! Shared it on FB and Twitter. Cannot seem to find you on Twitter. :(

I hope you are having a most wonderful Christmas.



Linda Merrill said...

Happy New Year Albarosa!

Daniela said...

Gentile Albarosa,
oggi navigando sul web ho trovato l'articolo che riguarda il mio memory game del Design.
La ringrazio molto per la sua pubblicazione!
Sono un'insegnante d'interior design a Milano e ho trovato le sue scelte di grande gusto.
Inoltrerò ai miei allievi con grande piacere.

Grazie e buona giornata

Daniela Galassi Architetto
Via Donna Prassede 16 Milano

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