Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting Absence

Project for One World Trade Center
Lower Manhattan how it will soon be with the almost completed One World Trade Center which will have 104 floors and will be 1776 feet high (the year of American Independence). The tall antenna will be an ambassador for peace.

New World Trade Center 2011
Reflecting Absence

Michael Arad and Peter Walker created the Memorial  “Reflecting absence” that will be inaugurated today, September 11, 2011, in New York:  it consists of two massive pools set within the footprints of the Twin Towers with waterfalls  cascading for 20 meters down their sides.  On the perimeter bronze plaques will have inscribed the names of the thousands of victims of that day of terror.
"The design strives to make visible what is absent. The primary responsibility we have is to those we lost that day." Michael Arad.

Project for Tower 2 NYC
Project for 2 World Trade Center by Norman Foster + Partners.

I am sure you have heard the question many times: “Where were you that day?”
My answer: I was in Milan and just after lunch I went for coffee to a friend whose daughter was working in Manhattan as a lawyer.  We heard the news from her…thankfully she was safe and  she was miraculously able to call and say she was OK…then the phone line dropped and the second tower was hit.

Ten years have passed, life went on but we didn’t forget.

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Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart said...

A very appropriate post and a very carefully created one. Merci.

mary said...

I believe that the design for the memorial has been divinely inspired; it is pure inspiration and perfection. A symbol of peace and hope to come. Mary

peggy braswell said...

Where was I? I was in Houston working on a client's house. I shall never forget.

A CRITIC'S EYE said...

Pure and strong design and how very symbolic. Yes, I was at the University lounge and saw it on their large screen television as it was happening.

Marcus Design said...

This is a very powerful post Albarosa. I also remember exactly where I was and what I was doing that morning. Funny how these things leave such an imprint. When I visiting the site for this project last year, I could already tell it is going to be turned into something beautiful!
Nancy xo

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