Monday, March 21, 2011

Qerat, Jordan

Furniture designed and made with passion.
This is the spirit of Qerat, Jordan, an extraordinary company established in 1995 in Amman, creating superb pieces made with exotic woods and celebrating “less is more” aesthetic in its approach to furniture, textile and interior design.
In this age of mass production, it is great to see a dedication to classic craftsmanship.
Above is an image of Sqrd, a side table from the Mondrian collection, don’t you love the name of this beautiful piece? and I personally love the shape and color, sooo yummy, like a stack of delicious chocolate.

ST33MAS-The Screw_thumb[14]
Screw is a side table from the Masara collection

Lanya are floor lights from the Marlene collection.  Halogen up lighters that start at 1.80 meters high and go up to 2.20 meters. They are quite dramatic in scale, as a sculpture.

Libra bench, from the Japasia Collection, balances the straight lines of its seat with a beautifully curved and tapered base.

Cushion from Qerat soft furnishings collection, precious silk and vibrant colors.
Ki, meaning table in Japanese, is a coffee table from the Japasia collection, pictured here in Cherry with black stained Mahogany legs.

Did I make you curious about the person behind all this? If you want to know more about Tareq please read the interview by Ivan Meade.
It would be a pleasant discovery.

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Thank you so much for the mention! We love Tareq work - His pieces are very unique and the quality of them is more than evident.

I am so glad to see Qerat's work being recognize internationally.

Great entry!

Dovecote Decor said...

Loved the post! Come visit us at Dovecote Decor to see our fabulous French Basketeer Giveaway!


qerat said...


Thank you so much for this beautiful post, I just saw it. You made my day.

Gareth said...

Now at last something my Zen heart could desire (if I were only allowed to . . . ;) Beautiful black and brown shibui stuff.


Theresa Cheek said...

Furniture distilled to simple form and function....where the wood can be seen for its beauty! Nice article.

mary said...

I love these pieces--I can only imagine how good the wood must feel to the touch.

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