Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brillante choice: B&B Italia

Canasta chair
Canasta in Spanish means basket. Perfect name for defining this chair part of the outdoor collection of
B & B Italia designed by the Spanish- Milanese Patricia Urquiola.
The texture was inspired by the Viennese chairs of the past. Using traditional motifs and modern technologies allowed B&B to produce a very contemporary piece of furniture with a classic appeal.
I can see this chair on a terrace in the city, in a garden and even, why not? in a living or in a bedroom, making a nice contrasting statement with other pieces of furniture.


Maria Killam said...

Fabulous chair in a modern back yard!! love it!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful collection! I really admire the picture of their interior furnishing juxtaposed with the large 17th century Dutch/flemish painting. I always like seeing Modern furnishings used with old masters, or antique furnishings with Modern art. Would you combine them in your work?

Brillante Home Decor said... may have posted this comment on the wrong article. Anyway I absolutely love antiques and contemporary together, well edited of course, now I am wondering about the 17th century painting, where would it be?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry Albarosa. I was looking at the B&B Italia site and the first page comes up with several pictures. The one on the very top left corner is the one I was referring to. Of course, I know that the painting is a reproduction, but nevertheless the look is stunning.

Anonymous said...

to continue...the portrait is that of Marchesa Balbi by Sir Anthony Van Dyck. Question is, Should one use reproductions like this in Interior design as opposed to original work? One would think that if it is enlarged to a point that makes it obvious to be a reproduction, and not an exact imitation or replica, should be all right?

outdoor wicker furniture said...

I must agree that this is a lovely outdoor piece. Very simple, yet very elegant. Thanks for sharing!

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