Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Olympics

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From Torino, Italy, where the Winter games were held in 2006, the Olympic torch is arriving in Vancouver, Canada. Approximately 12,000 people had the opportunity to carry the Torch from ancient Olympia, Greece, towards Vancouver, site of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

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Mountains, ocean, lakes, parks, rivers and beaches – this region has them all. The spectacular setting makes it possible to ski in the morning, sail in the afternoon, biking in between! The Olympic and Paralympic Winter games will be here in a few days and the city is already buzzing with activities, the Cultural Olympiad is on its way since January 22 and it will last to March 21 celebrating the multicultural aspects of the country with great installations, exhibitions, shows, music, dance, art.

Click here to listen to the Torch relay song and admire British Columbia beautiful scenery.

To watch this video click here.

Finally...if you want to become a part of the celebrations you can interact on your computer from far away creating your personal pattern of lights. Click on Vectorial Vancouver and Participate, then watch live the show of lights created by you.
"Vectorial Elevation is an interactive artwork that allows participants to transform the sky over Vancouver, Canada. Using a three-dimensional interface, this web site lets you design huge light sculptures by directing 20 robotic searchlights located around English Bay. A web page is made for each participant with photos of their design from four cameras located around the city".
I invite you try it... so easy and fun! and let me know, friends around the world, if it was you who changed the Vancouver sky tonight.

"With glowing hearts"

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Ivy Lane said...

so cool! I am going to try it!! Can't wait for the games to begin!

Happy Sunday!

Michelle said...

Not too far away now!!! I have started to stay away from the downtown area.



Yeah! I can't wait :)

Francine Gardner said...

I so wish I were in vancouver! i just love this city ...I am getting ready to be glued to my TV set....

Photography Art Store said...

Having the Olympics in Vancouver is so exciting! Makes me wish I still lived there :) I'm envious. I will be watching from Toronto now but I hope you enjoy every minute of the Olympic spirit that will be filling your beautiful city in the coming weeks. Soak it up! All of Canada is with you in our hearts!

DesignTies said...

Can't wait till the Olympics start!! It's so great to have them back in Canada :-)

I'm going to try out the Vectorial Vancouver light show -- sounds really cool!!


AB HOME Interiors said...

You must be SO excited!

Roof Leaks said...

I am anxiously waiting for that festival. It 'll be a very interesting and exciting competition.

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