Thursday, October 8, 2009

More days in Venice


To spend money

The above image represents a working space and Gallery with classic Murano glass reinterpreted with creativity.  Massimo Micheluzzi. Calle Della Toletta 107


A Venetian artisan, Stefano Coluccio, recreates the antique convex mirrors, witche’s mirrors? known also as Sorciere.   1173 Dorsoduro


Jonathan Ceolin creates lanterns, sconces and other Venetian lights with forged iron in the same way as in 17th Century. Secrets of the trade belong to the family for several generations and Jonathan uses them still today.  6106 Calle Marcello - Castello


Legatoria Piazzesi, Campiello de la Feltrina, San Marco
Beautiful paper, original patterns can be found at this address.


Alberto Cavalier has taken over his father's business as a "doreur" and a restorer. A grand artisanat d'art for antique lacquered or gold leaf finishes.   Campiello Loredan/Campo Santo Stefano

"Jesurum" One of my favorite places, famous for the most beautiful tablecloths, laces, embroidered sheets. Established in 1870.

Fifth generation of luxury textile production, the modern times famous "Rubelli" (which started in the XVI century) at Palazzo Corner-Spinelli hosts a collection of thousands of historic pieces.
You can even find here fragments of velvets from the end of 1400.

In the historic building Loredan-Falconi the Roberta di Camerino atelier remains in the same space that has seen in the 50's the beginning of the "tromp-l'oeil" of forms and colors on bags, scarves and garments. The purse "Bagonghi" was a favorite of Grace Kelly.

"Mercatino dei Miracoli"
Without fixed dates this Flea market is amazing for the treasures presented.
Mid century, rare books, photography, Sestiere Cannaregio, piazza Santa Maria Nova and streets around. Don't forget to visit the magnificent renaissance church of "Miracoli"

To admire Modern Architecture


Portale dei Tolentini. Former convent dei Tolentini, Santa Croce 191. Near San Nicolo' da Tolentino Church there is the main entrance to the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, a project by Scarpa, between 1966 and 1978, realized putting together fragments of an ancient door made of Istria marble which was salvaged during the restoration of the building.

Santa Maria Formosa, Castello 5252 Tel 041 27 11 411. In 1949 Scarpa redesigned the entrance, the main floor and the garden of this historic 1500 palace. Still today it is a perfect example of the best restoration project in Venice. In the building there is also a magnificent library, a museum with a collection of Venetian paintings from 17th Century.

Casa delle Zattere. Fondamenta delle zattere. Building designed by Ignazio Gardella in 1958; the modern architecture became integral part of the delicate and fascinating historic context.

Punta della Dogana.
A new exhibition space for Contemporary Art, created by François Pinault, the French tycoon and major collector of French art, who has also bought the restored Palazzo Grassi. The project is by world famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando who restored the Dogana with the highest respect for its history giving new life to the red bricks of the facade and the wood beams inside. The fascinating place, suspended amidst water received also contemporary elements to create a perfect space for art exhibitions.

To buy art

Campo Santo Stefano San Marco 2765 Tel. 041 520 49 42. Contini Arte
A gallery as a reference point for international and national best names of modern and contemporary art.
More to come soon about a special collector and antiquarian.



Amazing! What a great tour. Love the photos and the description. Bello! Bello!

Maria Killam said...

Wow you are still travelling? I want your life :) Nice to see a little bit of the world through your eyes!

Cote de Texas said...

You are still there? you lucky girl!

that convex mirror? pick it up for me ok? thanks!!!

And try to have some fun, ok? haha!!!

We miss you!

Monica said...

Hello !!!!!
Beautiful !!!!!!
And how interesting.....i've been to Venice,once,but I've missed a lot,so it's soo nice, to see other things,that can be found there......I just love the bags....and everything else,of course......

Lausen Arts said...

RE: TO BUY ART. Just spent some time at the Contini Online Art Gallery. Gee, it has been a while since I thought about some of it's wonderful modern and contemporary arts -- Thanks for refreshing my memory. Lausen

Velvet and Linen said...

I can't thank you enough for taking us with you! Venice is by far my favorite city. I'm hoping that Steve and I will there in the spring for a design conference. It is such a magical place.

Miss you!


Michelle said...

I am in love with Venice...and I have never been there. You would be the person to go shopping with that's for sure...and that flea market...I can only imagine what treasures!


qerat said...

Thank you so much for posting these beautiful images and taking us on this great tour :)
I would need a month there to see all these things in detail

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Gorgeous- Everything is beautiful! I want to go back to Italy!

Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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