Saturday, September 12, 2009

Isola d'Ischia

Ischia is a volcanic island at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, just across the island of Capri...
and it will have the honor of my presence in a few days!

The island is famous for its natural volcanic activity, its thermal hot springs, and its volcanic mud.
Negombo Park, a wellness center, near Lacco Ameno, where thermal water, Mediterranean vegetation and sea water combined cure and revitalize (so I hope...)
The Bay of San Montano is a small, protected cove. The beach is the blondest and most finely grained on an island predominantly made up of darker, volcanic soil.
Site of one of the earliest Greek colonies in the west, Lacco Ameno was once a key trading point between the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations - that of Pithecusa.
You may have seen already some scenery from Ischia since parts of the film The Talented Mr Ripley were filmed on the island.
A key personality in the economic development of Lacco Ameno was Angelo Rizzoli ( Milan 1889-1970). Orphaned at a young age and raised in poverty, Rizzoli rose to prosperity. He apprenticed in the printer trade and later became an entrepreneur in his twenties and a film producer later on ("La Dolce Vita" and many more famous movies). In 1949 he began publishing books and soon created an Italian publishing empire. One-time resident of Villa Arbusto, his influence brought a variety of stars and public figures to the island after the Second World War.
Fish abounds in the Mediterranean sea and many specialties of the region are my favorites, one of them "Pesce all'acqua pazza" or fish in crazy water! Easy to make and delicious but it needs the right kind of fish.
A specialty of Naples if not THE most famous specialty? But of course...La Pizzaaaa
Vegetables and fruits, due to the long exposure to sun have a special taste.
Lemons of Ischia are famous for their sweetness, their skin is used to produce "Limoncello" liqueur but lemons are also part of several recipes for desserts (even lemon and chocolate truffles).
At times at home I even venture to make the famous "Pastiera napoletana" a cake with a lengthy preparation which is a must in Naples to celebrate Easter. Among other ingredients: Ricotta, lemon zest, presoaked grain, many eggs and it must be prepared a few days in advance to allow ingredients' flavors to blend.
One last small Naples it is still in use to go to a Coffee place and after having ordered a drink pay also for another one (being coffee, tea or something else). "Caffé Pagato" declares the person at the cashier and that means someone else, with less money or no money will find a free coffee for him later on.
Just that makes me love Naples and its culture!
I can't wait...

Text and images sources: Wikipedia and Ischia website


AB HOME Interiors said...

Holy jesus! Those pics are amazing. where does one fly into to go to such a place? I would love to get away on an island like THAT! I have never left the states but visiting a place like that I may never come back!!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Truly incredible place ~ I would not be able to sleep until my feet were firmly planted on one of those fabulous spots. Oh to be sipping lovely limoncello with my feet dipping in that beautiful pool. Thank you for the terrific look into such an enchanting spot. I adore the story about paying forward when purchasing a coffee or tea. I wish that were a tradition at Starbucks. Take many photos to share & have a lovely time.

Safe travels to you ~

Michelle said...

Wow Albarosa...just amazing! I have been thinking about you, and how it's going in Italy. I actually had an amazing cream lemoncella the other night, and it was lovely! Goes right to your head!!

Have fun on your trip...look forward to seeing you back in Vancouver...


Maria Killam said...

Wow look at those lemons they are amazing. And what a fabulous place, will you be swimming there?

Francine Gardner said...

What stunning photographs!!!!
i am yet to visit Naples, where my parents went on their honeymoon. have never visited South of Rome...
the photograhs are so beautiful, I would love to run to airport, and buy a ticket to naples...
Enjoy and please send more photos

red ticking said...

so gorgeous... ok, i will add it to my list of must see... wow... love your blog... x pam


This place is in my dream list to go one day.

vicki archer said...

I hope you are having the most wonderful time...I imagine so, xv.

Lausen said...

With the weather cooling down here in Vancouver, how I long for a dip in the thermal hot springs pool - gorgeous. Thanks again for sharing.

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