Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela in Milan

In keeping with the philosophy of being creatively happy following a vision instead of taking the regular route Martin Margiela, Belgian fashion designer, has chosen to open another Maison, but in a periferic area of Milan on the 9th floor of a big and anonymous building (of course the store is instead in fashionable via della Spiga).
From the windows you can see the Duomo (cathedral) and the Torre Velasca, but at a distance, like willing to keep some space from monumentality and from the noise of a city.


The Milanese Interior decoration is inspired by the Paris Maison, romantic love for purity of white and an aesthetic of simplicity if not poverty. Maison Margiela fashion shows happen in parking lots, warehouses, subway stations.


" That of Milan is one of the Maison, a place that carries the white following the breath of this city. 300 mq. of showroom sales and 80 mq. for the press, wooden structures similar to those used for the decorations of theaters, covered with translucent corrugated plastic to make high permeability to light. All white: white is the strength of the fragility and the fragility of the passage of time. An expression of harmony, purity and honesty. We have always used white as an expression of our House, our team and our work. White represents for us a strong element. It has never been just white, but all shades of white as possible. "
Martin Margiela years ago has chosen to hide his figure and create instead a collective name that tells a strong individuality, with the creative identity of many: "We are always talking in the plural in order to reflect better the reality of our work together. Although the final result is attributed to the creative vision of a designer and his team, we wanted all team members expressed in a transparent manner. The desire to communicate collectively materializes on the label of our clothes: white with numbers".

In the background an icon of Maison Margiela, a white mannequin.

In April 2009 at Milano International Furniture Fair MMM introduced its concept of Interior architecture through an installation: Mat, Satiné, Brillant and gave lessons in style while talking about design. Furniture and accessories white and simple like:

Table lamps in glass and fabric

Lacquered wooden doll, similar to the Russian Matrioska

Trompe l'oeil wallpaper.

Magic transparent Boule de Neige filled with sparkling glitter.

Ironic disco-ball with silver pailettes.

Tromp l'oeil effect for rugs.

Art and Design: daily objects like stands painted in white which become a sculpture-table.

These objects will be available at the Maison Martin Margiela stores by November 2009. For the collection of furniture we must wait until the end of 2010, but it's worth it. In October 2009 a book by Rizzoli will be published to celebrate the Maison's 20th anniversary.

Believe it or not this post was inspired by Diane Dorrans Saeks new jacket! If you are curious read the section "About me" on her blog.

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studioJudith said...

Beautiful post .. . great images.
I especially love the disco ball
with the chairs.
Quite poetic.


Stephanie Clayton said...

sublime. these photos take my breath away!
all white is not easy to pull off without looking too sterile. MMM's new space is pure heaven.

annechovie said...

I absolutely love all the white. So gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, Albarosa!

Patricia Gray said...

Hi Albarosa
What a great inspirational post. I love the philosophy of this company and of course their space is magnificent in all of it's 'white glory". Also thanks for the introduction to the blog of Diane Dorrans Saeks.
Kind Regards

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Wow, what great images. I love the all white too!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Lovely post. Would I wrong to say that many great designers retreat to their personal spaces that are void of lots of color & tranquil such as white. I adore MMM's whole concept. What a clever link from this post to DDS. I adore her blog too.

Happy Weekend to you.

Michelle said...

Tres Chic Albarosa...

The people are the colour in that all white space!


Meade Design Group said...

Each photograph is a source of inspiration - So unique! and Avant Gard!

qerat said...

beautiful serenity
I love those images and how they created all this movement without the use of color. amazing

Davina Richards said...

Absolutely beautiful spaces, great photgraphy, and looks so tranquil - although I'd be more inclined to have snooze there amongst all that serenity than produce creative work!

As stunning as it is, it seems so hard and uncomfortable - a place to merely observe and not use for purpose. A couple of comfy coordinating area rugs like these, say in a crisp ivory would do the trick!

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