Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A classic apartment

A spacious apartment, in a classic Milanese building end of 19th century which represented an example of the affluent lifestyle of the time.
The layout was already great and it was only slightly modified to create more spaciousness and a sense of more freedom but the corridors remained as a partition of the various rooms. Sliding black mirror panels were installed to create more rooms within the rooms and more drama...
In the living area a small table "Tulip" by Saarinen for Knoll. On the wall two 18th century portraits and "Saw" by Jason McLean. The library divides the living areas from the private ones.
The architect found old reclaimed oak and designed the new floor following the style of the end of the 19th century. The new windows were also designed like the typical ones of that time, the original doors received new beveled glass panels. The living area has a dormeuse by Mies van De Rohe, velvet chairs by Ralph Lauren Home, a contemporary leather sofa. The fireplace is original and so is the mirror above. Technology was purposely made invisible, even television screens are all hidden not to overwhelm the classic feeling of this home.

The art collection is mainly photography, bought from emerging artists, friends, artists who may never emerge...said the owner... but always bought with the heart.

The bed was designed by the owner, an architect, and recalls the 70's, with the platform covered in pale lilac corduroy. The purple chair is an icon of modern design.

The unusual light is "Pizza-Kobra" by Ron Arad for I Guzzini, an unstructured, flexible lamp which at times resembles a pizza, at times a cobra...depending on the mood at bed time!

Some pieces like the Jacobsen chair or the dining table Art Deco from the 30's followed the owner from house to house. In the dining area chairs by Konstantin Grcic for Skitsch (a new Italian design brand) and contemporary Venetian glass chandelier covered in silver foil create an harmonious blend of styles.

The bathroom with the reclaimed oak floor has a classic look, enhanced by the travertine marble counter and accent wall. Again black mirrors play with reflections and further enlarge the space.

Another view of a corridor and the kitchen custom designed using elements by Minotti. The table looks like reclaimed wood and it most probably is.

A young architect who chose to have his home in a traditional historic context, in the heart of the city.

A contemporary apartment with a classic soul.

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Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

One of those homes that I just sigh a big "Ahhhh". A classic example why I have such a difficult time deciding white walls or lots of color? Truly gorgeous!

Judith. Santa Fe said...

"A harmonious blend" - indeed.

Michelle said...

This apartment looks like you Albarsoa- classic with a mix of everything else; constrained and it!!!

Take care,

Linda/"Mom" said...

* That PRECIOUS weimaraner just "tops it all off" to MAKE it all soooooo CLASSIC!"~~~

Linda in AZ *

Maria Killam said...

I am dying for one of those 'egg' chairs. Couldn't you just see one in my house by the fireplace in an egg yolk yellow. A Saarinen table is also on my list for my dining room.

Love this post and this home! Thank you it was a feast for the eyes.

As were you yesterday, so nice to see you Albarosa!

Velvet and Linen said...

This is beautiful. It is an art to be able to combine all of those styles and create such a serene environment.
Just gorgeous.


qerat said...

what a home to have. love it to the last detail

Claudia Juestel / Adeeni said...

Fabulous! The Italians know how to pair modern design with traditional architecture. I love it!



England Furniture said...

The purple chair in the bedroom adds a kind of burst of color to the room. Thank you for posting these pictures.

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