Monday, December 1, 2008

Classic craftsmanship

I was writing a comment about McGuire furniture the other day on Patricia Gray's  
wonderful blog.
She was celebrating the company's 60th anniversary and  its beautifully crafted bamboo and cane furniture, which I've had a set of myself for many years.
It brought to mind a local company, Kozai Designs on West 7th Avenue, in Vancouver, just west of Granville. They specialize in what they call "modern organic" furniture and lighting, including stunning hardwoods from North America
Kozai Designs hardwood table tops1e

Kozai hardwood table in Western Walnut W45 x L101  1e
Take a look at their website to see more (
In this age of mass production, It's great to see a real dedication to classic craftsmanship.
02_Issa Arm Chair_65

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michelle said...

These are gorgeous tables! They would be great on the wall for a headboard as well.

Live Edge Design also makes some great pieces. They are in Duncan on Van. Island.

Don't you leave for Milan soon?

Hope all is well!


Patricia Gray said...

They are really fine craftsman. I love their use of Japanese Oak.

Red River Interiors: said...

Good info on your blog...just discovered your site... love it!..Fay

Home Renovations said...

With many styles, colors, sizes and finishes, hardwood floors are a perfect compliment for any home decor.


Colour Me Happy said...

Great Post! I need to figure out how to make my blog look like yours and Patricia's! And thanks for including me on your list of favourites! Look for yours on my list shortly!

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