Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My first Blog

Being my first Blog, better be smart or funny.
Actually nobody knows about my Blog (Oh yes, friends and family, do they count?) so it is good just to test the system and myself.
As you may know from my website I have a passion also for Old, being furniture, books, friends, movies, not always in this order.

Books: For years and years I refused to read a book printed only recently and I leave to your imagination how my friends used to call me when they suggested I read the latest hit to hear from me:"I only read books published at least 50 years ago".

Friends: even if I spend part of the year in Vancouver I maintain a strict relationship with my best Italian friends, many of them met in school, naturally since I keep adding to the list it becomes more and more difficult to manage letters, emails, telephone calls, visits from old and new friends around the world, but I want them all.

Furniture and objects: I love furniture consignment stores and I am a fan of garage sales. I am particularly proud of an exquisite "potiche" bought on a sidewalk for less than $ 50.00 just for its beauty.

At home I found the explanation of the mark on a book "Ceramica nei secoli" (Centuries of Ceramic) given to me by my father when I was about 20 years old (yes, love for antiques or old items runs in the family) and I discovered to my surprise that the potiche was made in France at the end of the XVIII century by a manufacture operating only for about 40 years (Veuve Perrin).

I am very proud of it. Priceless!

Grazie e Arrivederci.

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Patricia Gray said...

Hi Albarosa
Welcome to the world of Blogging. I look forward to reading more!!

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